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Colorito, LLC

Find out what makes us tick, who we are, and what we strive to one day become.

In everything we do, we believe in challenging the status quo and exceeding expectations.

We challenge the status quo by re-defining what it means to be in the service business. We don’t put customers first, we put people first. 

Let me ask you a question. Who is performing the job, talking to the customers, and providing the service? The painters. If we really want to provide the highest caliber of customer service, we need employees who care–It’s really that simple.

We understand people and that makes all the difference. Rather than spend all of our money on annoying ads that no one wants to see or listen to, we offer to work for free.

Rather than trying to squeeze every last dollar out of customers, we choose to treat them right. We strive to make the process of choosing our company the easiest decision you will ever have to make.

In the end, if we don’t give you the first class service that you’re asking for–Someone else will. 

Our Really Really Ridiculously Good Looking Co-Owners

Tanner Nord

Tanner Nord

Good-Looking dude

Taken, bi-lingual, and ready to mingle. This cutie’s greatest achievement was getting a participation ribbon in the 5th grade science fair. Yes, he’s that much of a millennial. It’s okay though, he makes up for it with his bubbly personality and great butt.

Wesley Brown

Wesley Brown

Better-looking dude

This tall glass of milk has been in the painting industry for years. He recently married his Fiance, Victoria (the girl in the picture). He loves catching a blistering 3rd degree sunburn while salt-river tubing, drinking a nice cold beer, and other stereo-typical activities enjoyed by the working class.

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