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colorito [co-lo-rì-to]
Colorito (colore) is a term usually applied to 16th-century Venetian painting in which colour is employed in a dominant manner, for sensual expressive purposes and as an important compositional element.
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Our Why


We believe in being proud of what we do. We’re proud of what we do when we continually strive for improvement, perform to the best of our abilities, and keep our word. We’re also just really good at painting cabinets.

Our Story

Colorito was started in 2015 by Welsey Brown, under the name “Brown Cow Painting”. Wesley loved his little company, and wanted it to grow and achieve a much higher level of success. He enlisted the help of an acquaintance by the name of Tanner Nord. At the time Tanner was working at a business consultancy helping businesses grow through digital advertising. They got together and changed the name, then narrowed down the services, until they became a cabinet painting and refinishing company.

Our Management Style

We believe good business leaders create a vision, articulate the vision, passionately own the vision, and relentlessly drive it to completion. Above all else, good leaders are open. They go up, down, and all around their company to reach people. They make a religion out of being accessible.

We believe our management’s number one priority is to bring out the best in people. When we bring out the best in our people, they will do whatever it takes to make our customers happy.

Our Team

Wesley Brown

Wesley Brown

Production & Customer Service

Tall, hairy, and handsome. Wesley enjoys drinking a nice cold beer and catching a 3rd degree sunburn while salt river tubing.
Tanner Nord

Tanner Nord

Marketing & Sales

Has a bubbly butt AND a bubbly personality. Tanner doesn’t have any hobbies. He just works all the time. If you see him, tell him to take a day off.
Antonio Meza

Antonio Meza


Single, biglingual and ready to mingle. Antonio is a HUGE sports fan. Don’t get him started. Seriously, he doesn’t stop.
Marco Avila

Marco Avila


The company pretty boy. We have to beat the girls off with a stir stick. A real weekend warrior that enjoys letting loose on his days off.

Our Credentials


Licensed with AZ Registrar of Contractors (ROC#323184)

We are a state licensed contractor in good standing.


We’re bonded for $4,250 for any uncompleted work.


We carry over $1,000,000 in general liability insurance and worker’s compensation for your safety.

Member of Arizona Corporation Commission

We’re home grown and not a fly by night company.

Periodic Drug testing

We don’t just hire anyone off the streets.

Background Checks

The owners, as well as, the employees have all completed a thorough background check.

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456 E. Huber st. Mesa, Arizona 85203

(480) 702-1098




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