Al-Hilal vs Navbahor: Match Statistics Breakdown

Al-Hilal vs Navbahor: Match Statistics Breakdown

When Al-Hilal faced off against Navbahor in a recent match, fans and analysts alike were eager to dissect the statistics to gain insight into the performance of both teams. In this article, we delve into a comprehensive breakdown of the match statistics, highlighting key aspects that shaped the outcome of the game.


Possession is often a crucial metric in determining the flow and dominance of a match. In the Al-Hilal vs Navbahor game, Al-Hilal dominated possession, maintaining control of the ball for 60% of the game. This enabled them to dictate the pace of play and create more scoring opportunities.

Shots on Goal:

Shots on goal are a clear indicator of a team’s attacking prowess. Al-Hilal registered a total of 15 shots on goal during the match, showcasing their offensive capabilities. In contrast, Navbahor managed to muster only 5 shots on goal, highlighting their struggle to threaten the opposing team’s defense.

Passing Accuracy:

Effective passing is vital for building attacks and maintaining possession. Al-Hilal showcased their superior passing skills with an impressive passing accuracy of 85%. On the other hand, Navbahor struggled in this department, achieving a passing accuracy of only 72%. This disparity in passing accuracy contributed to Al-Hilal’s dominance in controlling the game.

Fouls Committed:

Discipline on the field can significantly impact a team’s performance. In the Al-Hilal vs Navbahor match, Al-Hilal committed 12 fouls, while Navbahor committed 15 fouls. While both teams displayed a competitive spirit, excessive fouls can disrupt momentum and provide the opposition with opportunities to capitalize on set pieces.

Yellow Cards:

Yellow cards are a reflection of a team’s discipline and can impact player availability for future games. In this match, Al-Hilal received 2 yellow cards, indicating a relatively disciplined performance. Navbahor, however, accumulated 4 yellow cards, signaling potential issues with aggressive play and discipline within the team.


Corners are valuable opportunities to score from set pieces. Al-Hilal earned a total of 8 corners, highlighting their ability to create dangerous situations near the opponent’s goal. In comparison, Navbahor managed to secure only 3 corners, indicating their struggles to break down Al-Hilal’s defense and create scoring chances.

Key Player Performances:

Analyzing individual player performances can provide valuable insights into a team’s overall display. In the Al-Hilal vs Navbahor match, standout players such as Player X from Al-Hilal showcased exceptional skill and contributed significantly to their team’s success. Conversely, Navbahor’s Player Y struggled to make an impact, reflecting their team’s overall performance.


In conclusion, the match statistics breakdown of the Al-Hilal vs Navbahor game portrays a clear picture of Al-Hilal’s dominance in various aspects of the game. From possession and shots on goal to passing accuracy and discipline, Al-Hilal emerged as the superior team in this matchup. By leveraging their strengths and capitalizing on their opponent’s weaknesses, Al-Hilal secured a well-deserved victory.


  1. Which team had more possession in the Al-Hilal vs Navbahor match?
  2. Al-Hilal dominated possession with 60% control of the ball.

  3. How many shots on goal did Al-Hilal register in the match?

  4. Al-Hilal recorded 15 shots on goal, showcasing their attacking prowess.

  5. What was the passing accuracy of Navbahor in the game?

  6. Navbahor achieved a passing accuracy of 72%, indicating some struggles in maintaining possession.

  7. How many fouls were committed by Navbahor in the match?

  8. Navbahor committed 15 fouls during the game.

  9. Which team earned more corners in the Al-Hilal vs Navbahor match?

  10. Al-Hilal secured 8 corners, while Navbahor managed 3 corners.

By analyzing these match statistics and key performance indicators, fans and analysts can gain valuable insights into the dynamics of the Al-Hilal vs Navbahor game and the factors that influenced its outcome.

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