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Arizona Exterior Painting Company

Everything you need to know about painting the exterior of your Arizona home

Let’s face it—You live on the surface of the sun. In Arizona, exterior paint doesn’t last very long. Being a state with the highest concentration of HOA communities, the time will come when you get that dreaded letter in the mail.

 Things you should know

* Instead of completely re-painting, you might be able to clean your walls with detergent and a little elbow grease.

* You don’t need to hire a professional, but it will definitely make things go a lot smoother.

* In Arizona, the exterior paint will start to chalk up after 5-7 years—Even if it’s the highest quality.

* It’s going to cost anywhere from $17 to over $100 per gallon of paint depending on the quality.

* The best time to paint outside walls in Arizona is during the summer and spring. You can do it in the fall, but it’s best to avoid painting the exterior during the winter.

What is paint made of?

If you want to know what paint you should buy, then you need to know what exterior paint is made of. All paint is made up of 4 different basic ingredients.

Arizona Exterior Painting Company

Arizona Exterior Painting Company

Each House Painting Companies such as Sherwin-Williams, Dunn-Edwards, PPG, Benjamin Moore, Behr, etc.. all have different recipes for making their paint—or so they say.

Here are the 4 basics:

  1. Solvents: These chemicals thin the paint allowing it to be sprayed out of a paint gun. They also help the paint to dry quickly by evaporating.
  2. Pigments: Mineral in powder form. This gives paint its color.
  3. Additives: These help control how fast the paint dries, how flat the paint will lay against a surface, prevent scuffs, etc..
  4. Resin: This is a protective film that helps prevent sun damage.
What quality paint should you get?

Now that you understand what makes paint so painty, let’s figure out how to pick the right paint for the job. Most Exterior Painting Companies near me provide a hierarchy of paints. You would think they’d want to make it easy for you, right? Nope. They’d rather make it as confusing as possible—job well-done guys.

When picking the paint quality, it’s best to know how long you plan on living in your home. If you’re going to live there forever and ever, then you should definitely dig deep in your pockets and purchase the expensive paint.

If not, you can let the next person worry about that. It’s not as evil as it sounds either, many people decide to change the exterior paint colors after moving in.


Cheap paint will have lower solids by volume. Around 34.5 percent. Solids are the pigments and resins. If you have low solids, it means your paint can is full of solvent (evaporating chemical) and additives. This means the paint will be thinner, have more bleed-through issues, and be damaged quicker. This quality paint will cover roughly 300 square feet of wall.

If you’re looking for a cheap paint job, you’re about to move, AND you’re going to paint your exterior the same color—Then this is the paint for you. This paint will honestly last 1-3 years in Arizona.


Generally speaking, you will get the most bang for your buck here. The solids are much higher (42%). This means the coverage is better. It sprays a lot better, tends to have better-looking pigment (due to having fewer additives), and more protection against the elements.

This paint will cover 300 square feet, but last for 3-5 years in the Arizona oven. This will probably be your go-to. It doesn’t last forever, but it’s a good amount of time. It doesn’t break the bank, but you’re not sacrificing the quality either.

So expensive, that it better be made out of diamonds.

Ah yes, the time has come for the top tier paint. Here, you’re looking at 46% solids by volume.

This will cover a bit more—300-350 square feet, but last 5-7 years. With perfect conditions, it’s possible for it to last 10 years. Arizona isn’t “perfect conditions”, just FYI.

This is best for homeowners who don’t plan on moving any time soon. Also great if you’re made of money, or have a personal jet (or two). All jokes aside, you shouldn’t be paying more than $100/gallon for this tier.

What level of sheen should you get?

The level of sheen you will need to purchase depends on what you’re looking to paint.Arizona Exterior Painting Company

The sheen you choose will be based on durability, the material, and overall appearance.

* Flat/matte: Best used for body siding (outside walls). It hides blemishes, that often occur from being outside. It also needs to be cleaned less often.

* Satin: The slight gloss adds to the durability, therefore allowing for easier cleaning. Best used in trim, window frames, shutters, surfaces that need routine cleaning.

* Gloss: Surfaces that come in constant contact with humans, animals, or just need routine cleaning. This finish really brings out the imperfections in whatever it’s painted on. This finish is ideal for doors, garage doors, decorative metal (lamp posts, metal trim), functional metal (gutters, downspouts, railings), or accent trims.

How much paint should you buy?

Make it last: Prep

Paint adheres to a surface in two different ways: mechanical and chemical. Chemical adhesion depends on the quality of the paint. Mechanical depends on the quality of the surface the paint is being applied to.

If you have a wet or dirty surface, the paint will adhere to the dirt or whatever else is on the surface. This is important because if the paint doesn’t adhere to the surface, it’s more likely to chip or peel.

Make it last: Primer

Primer is specially made to grip the surface, and even itself out. This allows for a smooth, flat finish later on in the process. Primer also provides a better chemical adhesion, which in turn, helps to prevent peeling and chipping.

Make it last: Paint

If you want to get a nice golden tan, you want to stay in the sun. If you’re painting, then you’ll want to stay in the shade. Having the sun beat down on freshly applied paint can cause the solvent to evaporate too quickly. Work your way from top to bottom, and tackle the larger areas first.

How should you pick the colors?

If you’re in Arizona, there’s a good chance you belong to an HOA. Your HOA will provide you with the paint colors you can choose from. If you don’t belong to an HOA, then you have too many options to list. There are a couple general rules you will want to follow, such as not painting your house like a bag of Skittles (all the colors of the rainbow). You can also go here for more information on popular Phoenix Exterior Painting Company colors in Arizona.Arizona Exterior Painting Company


You should now have a pretty good idea of what it takes to paint the outside of your house. You should be able to pick the right quality of paint, sheen, and understand the basics to paint your exterior. If you have any questions, feel free to give us a call for some extra guidance. You can reach us at (480) 521-8380.


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