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Arizona Painters

Arizona Exterior Painting Company should have a process a bit different than other states. Our aim of this page is to explain our exterior painting process. We will outline our process in order to give you a better idea of the techniques used and a proper expectations for a timeline to completion. If you are looking to start your own project and do it yourself, then this will help give you an idea of a process you will need to follow.

Also be aware that some of these steps will not be applicable to your specific project. If you have a brand new house, there will be no reason for us to charge for or perform any repairs. If you are doing the project yourself, you will have to use your best judgement to decide if some of these steps should be skipped or not. There are some steps if not performed properly or even skipped, will cause the final look to less than acceptable. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us for help–commitment and hassle free.

Arizona Painters

Arizona Painters

Power washing is a VERY important part of the exterior painting process. If you skip this step it will cause you to lose a lot of time and money on your project. The reason this step is important is mechanical adhesion. The paint will stick to any surface it is sprayed on. If you have a layer of dust on your wall, then the paint will stick to the dirt instead of your wall. This can cause issues with peeling, air bubbles, and overall lower quality of the paint job.


Masking is a very essential aspect of painting. This will need to be the second step to prevent a lot of wasted time and effort, but also save you from a big headache later on. Masking should be performed after power washing as well. This will prevent the masking from being removed from the power wash and also provide a clean surface for the tape to stick to.

We will pull back the rocks to apply a protective coating to the foundation of your house. This will create a barrier to help protect your house from the elements. This very important for protection against termites. Compare Cost To Paint Interior House In Phoenix wisely to avoid unexpected costs.


The foundation gets a lot of beating from the elements. It’s also the first place to start peeling on your paint job. The reason is because it’s exposed to so much water and moisture. To prevent this, we want to make sure there is good chemical and mechanical adhesion to the surface. This is where we will apply a water-proof primer called DRY-LOCK.

It’s very important NOT to paint over paint that is already peeling. It will create air bubbles, continue the peeling, and many other problems that will reduce the quality of your paint job. This will need to be addressed immediately. We will scrape any areas where the paint is peeling in order to improve the adhesion of the new paint, as well as improve the over aesthetic and quality of your paint job.


Repairs will be done on any imperfections on the exterior surfaces of your home. There are many stucco homes in Arizona and will need to be repaired accordingly using a custom stucco patches. If your house is made of stucco, then it needs to be repaired with stucco.

If you or any other painter uses a different material to fill in the cracks and repair the walls, then there will be inconsistencies in the final look of your exterior. It’s very important to use a consistent material across the entire surface of your home. If not, then you will have light or dark spots in your final paint job.


To further protect your home from the elements, and produce a longer lasting paint job–we will caulk around the windows and other important areas that require caulking.


Priming will need to be done to any bare material surfaces. This special paint acts like double sided tape. It creates a very strong adhesion to the surface, but also becomes a surface that grabs onto paint and prevents it from peeling or bubbling.

Arizona Exterior Painting Company

Clean Up

Here at Colorito , we always follow the old Boy Scout rule of always leaving it better than we found it. The last thing we would want to do is provide a beautiful paint job and leave the rest of your home a mess. We make sure the burden of clean up is a very important part of the process. House Painting Companies provide quality services at the best price.


Last, but not least–The final inspection. It’s important for the foreman on the job to perform a walk-through of the job by himself to make sure everything is up to company standards. However, this is your home and the only person to give us the final okay on the job should be you.

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The foreman on the job will perform a walk-through with you to make sure your happy with how the project turned out. Please make sure we are aware of anything that doesn’t meet your standards at this time. We will make it a priority to make sure you’re happy with our work.

Thank you for taking the time to read this. Remember, we are always here to provide you with help and answer questions. If you want to know more, please reach out to us at (480) 521-8380 or email us at Support@ColoritoPaint.com

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