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Arizona Painting Company Cost

Know what factors contribute to the cost of changing the exterior paint color of your home.

This is a list of the common scams, shortcuts, runarounds and price gouging that occurs with some painters.

Wall repair

colorito paintWall repair is an area that interior painters can easily cut short to save time. Most contracts don’t state the extent of the wall repairs included, so it’s up to the painter’s discretion how much they will do. If it seems like too much work, they’ll usually point out the repairs but don’t include it in the bid. They’ll then ask you if you’d like it fixed after they start your project and let you know how much more it will cost.


Paint prices

Paint gets more expensive as you go from flat to gloss. Paint also gets much more costly the darker it gets. White or neutral paint color can be much less expensive than a deep base red or blue.

Here is where this affects you as a consumer. You give the company the deposit and pick your colors a couple of days before the project starts. Arizona Painting Company goes to the store with your colors and finds out they are a dark base. He (or she) will then charge you more for the paint, and also charge you for a dark gray primer coat. Pick your colors and sheen finishes with the contractor before you sign or put a deposit down on a contract. Be sure your finishes and colors are on the deal before signing to avoid any unforeseen costs.

Paint coverage issues

Most of the time you can look at the condition of a wall and its color you can tell if the new color will cover in two coats, but sometimes you can be surprised. If your contractor is almost finished with a project and realizes that your walls need another layer and it’s not on the contract, it will be a costly third coat. Make sure you specify with your Arizona Paint Company on the original proposal the exact pricing of additional coats.

Number of paint coats

Some proposals say to paint the walls and ceiling but never specify the number of coats to be applied. If the colors are similar enough, it’s possible to get away with one coat of paint and not discount your pricing. However no matter how hard you try, tiny, pin-sized air holes will pop exposing the original walls. It may not bother you if you can’t notice it, but principally speaking you should have paid your painter less for the work since they are spending less time on the project and have purchased less paint.Arizona Painting Company Cost

Arizona Painting Company Cost

Gets a detailed proposal specifying the number of coats to be applied?

Material scams

Watch out for these common cheats that disreputable painters use on homeowners.

  • Bait and switch. The company sells the project with premium paint, and they charge you full price. They purchase either a one- or five-gallon bucket of the high quality paint you paid for and purchase the rest in a low quality. They mix or box the cheap paint in with the rich color and only let you see the costly paint cans.
  • It is watered down. The paint is mixed with 25 to 50 percent water before it’s brought into your home. When you mix paint with water, it more than doubles its coverage but makes it very vulnerable to chipping, peeling and cracking. It is hard to catch unless you’re paying close attention.

Keep an eye on the new cans as they’re being brought in. Make sure they look fresh and don’t have paint in the rim of the can. If it’s a five-gallon bucket, check to see whether the lid is still sealed on with the plastic strip. The only time it’s acceptable to mix water in the paint is when you’re using a thick or ultra-deep base paint to reduce its stickiness. Dark colors are composed almost entirely of tint that makes it very hard to work with without adding water, however, this is very rare with today’s paint technology.

What Kind of Paint Should You Use?

One of the factors to consider when choosing a paint is the amount of time required for the paint to finish curing.The amount of time required for the paint to cure is dependent on the paint type & weather conditions. There are two primary types of paint used for the exterior of a house:

  1. Latex (water – based)
  2. Oil-based.

The initial drying period for latex paint beats out oil-based paint, but the overall curing time is much, much, longer.

Why does latex paint dry faster, but cure slower?


coloritopaintLatex paints use water (primarily) as their solvent. Though water evaporates more slowly than volatile organic compounds, once the liquid has evaporated, the color is considered dry. The curing process of latex paints, however, occurs from the outside going in & requires atmospheric oxygen to form a cross-linked polymer. Given the fact that exterior layers cure before inside layers, the cured layers limit the rate at which inside layers can access the oxygen required to complete the chemical reaction.


Why does oil paint dry slower, but cure faster?

colorito paintThe elemental composition of oil-based paint is solvent + binder + pigment. The solution consists of high volumes of volatile organic compounds (VOC’s) derived from crude oil processing. Though these evaporate fast, for an oil-based paint to be “dry” the fatty acids in the binder have to absorb oxygen, partially break down, and then recombine in a process called polymerization. These processes take time & are heavily temperature dependent. However, once this polymerization is 100% complete, the paint is also cured & ready to go.

Here’s a list of surfaces appropriate for each painting:


• • Oil:

♣ Windows

♣ Doors

♣ Trim

• • Latex:

♣ Plaster & drywall

♣ Siding (wood, fiber cement, aluminum)

♣ Stucco

♣ Porch floors


Knowing how it all breaks down will help with your initial Arizona House Painting Cost estimates & may even save you time and money while deciding what you’re going to paint.

Factors Affecting the Cost To Paint the Exterior of a Home in Arizona

You’ll want to consider things like the cost of paint, what supplies you’ll need, and what other items you’ll want to spruce up before your House Painting project ends. Keep reading for an overview of things you’ll need to consider.


How much does it cost to paint a house professionally?

Here comes a quick summary of different approaches to calculating the cost of painting a house and Average Cost to Paint a House in Arizona.

However, it might be a bit tricky to estimate the cost of interior house painting per room since various factors influence it, such as:

♣ the required amount, quality and the price of the paint,

♣ the gloss of your chosen color,

♣ the condition and the texture of the walls,

♣ the time/labor needed to get the job done,


Color consultation

Choosing the right color for a room can be tricky. No one wants to make a costly mistake and then have to live with it for the next couple of years. It is why many professional painting companies have an in-house color consultant on their team to help clients make the best color choices that are in line with their tastes, lifestyle, the mood, and purpose of the room, and lighting.

It is what matters to the exterior House Painting in Arizona professional:

♣ The position of your house i.e. is it easily accessible,

♣ How many stories are there, i.e. the height,

♣ The type of surface that needs to be painted,

♣ How much preparation work and detailed painting is necessary,

♣ whether it’s essential to remove any old paint,

A fresh coat of paint does not just give your home a brand new look. It also provides protection against pest damage and harsh weather, helps siding last longer, maintains structural integrity, and increases the resale value of your home. Though homeowners sometimes take up the job themselves to save money, you cannot beat the quality provided by an experienced professional painter. A professional painting job In Arizona can increase your home’s curb appeal and transform a dull room into a happy one.Arizona Painting Company Cost

Here’s what a professional Phoenix Arizona Painting Contractors will take into account when preparing a quote for painting your home interior:

♣ How many windows and doors there are in the room,

♣ What their size is,

♣ How high the ceiling is,

♣ Whether you want a feature wall or any other decorative painting,

♣ If you wish to use a single color or multiple colors etc.

That said, painting is still a significant investment and requires a lot of careful consideration and planning to get the best results. From choosing the right color and finish for a room to buying painting supplies, there are some things you need to keep in mind before hiring a painter.

If you are planning to hire Phoenix Arizona Painting Contractors to work on an exterior painting project, you are most likely to be charged a fixed rate, which is calculated by the square footage of the area to be covered. However, some painters may charge by the hour for interior projects. Location, size, nature of the project, season, and the painter’s experience, will all factor into the labor costs per hour for a professional painting job.

The final cost will heavily depend on the size and nature of the painting project and how long it takes a professional painter to prep and paint the area.


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