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Arizona Painting

Colorito’s interior painting process In Arizona, there’s a bazillion different interior painting companies to choose from. Since you’re on our website, I think it’s fair that we call our selves the best painting company in Arizona —it’s what everyone else does on their websites. Anyway, the point is—I can say we’re the best, but the proof is in the pudding!

Arizona Painting

Arizona Painting

Every great paint job starts with an even greater prep job. I’d like to whisk you away, if I may, through our fabulous little painting process! This way, you can get grasp for the dedication we have to detail. Yes, this way, you can know for sure—that we’re the best interior painting company in Arizona.

Ladies and gentlemen, our process:

Now, I do want to make clear that there are situations when some of these steps are unnecessary. If you have clean perfect walls, why would we need to repair them? The following is an exhaustive list of all the steps we take to ensure not only the a beautiful paint job, but to also make sure it will stand the tests of time.


First things first, your belongings are important to not only you—but to us as well. We’ll want to move everything out of the way, and into a safe spot where they won’t get damaged.

Plastic and Masking

House Painting in Phoenix covers up anything that isn’t supposed to be painted. We cover the floors, and tape down the plastic and paper to ensure it doesn’t move around on us.


Our company provides all drywall services as needed. Replacing drywall, texturing, cracks, holes, dents, sags, etc..  If it’s dry, and it’s a wall—we can fix it.


To ensure a long lasting paint job, we need to make sure the walls are squeaky clean. This prevents the paint from adhering to any dirt that might be on the wall. When the paint adheres to dirt, it causes peeling and chipping.


A lot of times doors, baseboards, door jams, window frames, etc.. will receive a little wear and tear over the years. We apply caulking to any cracks that we find to provide an all around great looking paint job. It’s the details that count.


Tired of having little kids ripping up that loose paint on your walls? We are too, so we’re going to remove all of it and start new.


This may or may not be a part of the drywall process. Sanding, when needed, can improve the mechanical bond of the paint to the surface. Again, this will ensure a long lasting beautiful paint job.


Exterior Painting Companies typically spray ceilings, and use roller brushes for the walls. However, in certain situations we will use the sprayer for interior walls as well.

Finishing touches

Here, we walk through the job and use a brush to fix small inconsistencies.

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Clean up

Wouldn’t it be great if painters cleaned up after themselves? We thought so too, so we added this step to our process.As the Boy Scouts always say—leave it better than you found it. We’ll do your dishes too if you want.


A project manager will walk you through the entire job to not only ensure that our painters did a great job—but that you’re happy with how it turned out! I think that’s the most important part.


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