Cabinet painting cost

How much does it cost to paint cabinets?

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How to price your project:

Below, you will find our pricing tables. These were made to easily find out how much your project will cost. We also have lots of different options that can increase OR decrease these prices. 



First, you’ll need to count how many cabinet doors and drawers your cabinets have.



Second, multiply the amount of doors and drawers by the price of the service you want.



The final amount includes cost of paints, materials, labor, and everything else.

Photo of RV cabinets in Chandler before we painted them. RV cabinets in Chandler after we painted them.
Photo of RV cabinets from Chandler before we painted them. Photo of RV kitchen cabinets that we painted.

Our Cabinet painting services

Cabinet Painting

After a very thorough prepping process, we apply two coats of Urethane enamel.

Cabinet Refinishing

We take your cabinets down to bare wood, fill scratches and dents, then apply two coats of laquer.

Cabinet Refacing

Cabinet bases are sanded down to bare wood. Scratches and dents are filled. Doors and drawers are replaced.

Wesley is awesome at customer service. We are still in the process of finishing up our house and he’s been extremely accommodating (especially with our paint touch-ups/hardware installation on the cabinets). We fully plan on working with Wesley in the near future for our other painting needs and feel extremely grateful to have found a trusted company/team.

Harrison C., Gilbert, Arizona

Make sure we work in your area! We serve the entire Phoenix Metro Area, but you can find a list of locations that we serve by clicking on the locations link. If you’re looking to get your cabinets painted, you can find a contact form by clicking any of the “get started” or “free quote” buttons.

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