Kitchen cabinets get painted in Gilbert

by Aug 24, 2019Cabinet painting

About the project

This was a project for the property management and real estate company Better Choice Homes in Gilbert, Arizona. We work with a lot of general contractors all over the valley and this is one of them. As you will soon see, this is a Cabinet painting project. This means the homeowner told the general contractor they wanted the most durable cabinet paint available.

Project cost: $2,100

This is what the kitchen looked like before we painted the cabinets. There wasn’t very many imperfections that we had to take care of. The homeowner we were contracted to help just wanted to change the color of the cabinets.

We went through the entire cabinet painting process making sure to sand seams and fill in gaps that often show up after being painted white. Once we were done painting the cabinets, the counter top guys came in and changed the counters.

For this project we also did the master bath. The cabinet painting was the only thing to change in this room. We think it turned out pretty good. Also notice how the wood grain has been removed to appear more flat and smooth.

This is how the master bath cabinets turned out. Very white, clean, and crisp. Adding a little modern touch to the bathroom that the homeowners were looking forward to.