Chandler Cabinet Painting

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Fast Turnover

One week without your kitchen and bathrooms? We wouldn’t do that to you. Our projects on average only last 2-3 days. Needless to say, we put the “pro” in process.


Durable Paints

You wouldn’t want to hire a painter only to have all the paint start to peel after a week. Our paints are made to withstand heavy cleaning, scrubbing, chipping and peeling.


Quality Finish

If you’re going to pay to have your cabinets painted. They should look and feel good. No brush marks or sloppy paint roller texture–just a factory finish coat.

Photo of RV cabinets in Chandler before we painted them. RV cabinets in Chandler after we painted them.
Photo of RV cabinets from Chandler before we painted them. Photo of RV kitchen cabinets that we painted.

Our services offered in Chandler

Cabinet Painting

Sanded, primed with shellac primer, and painted with two coats of urethane enamel for a very clean and durable finish.

Cabinet Refinishing

We take the cabinets down to bare wood, use wood filler on scratches and dents, then apply two coats of laquer.

Cabinet Refacing

Cabinet bases are taken down to bare wood, scratches and dents are fixed, we replace your doors and drawers. Painted with laquer.

It’s not too often that you find a company that delivers fantastic work but an even better customer service experience! Wesley and co. over at Colorito far exceeded our expectations.

Harrison C., Gilbert, Arizona

What Is your cabinet painting process?

Our cabinet painting process is quite literally what sets us apart more than anything else. We’re able to do it in half the time, but without cutting corners. We use the same process as others: Sand, clean, de-gloss, caulk the cracks, spray primer, spray the paint, and reinstall the hardware. The reason we’re able to do it so quickly has to due with two things: 1.) Our paints 2.) Our equipment. High quality paints are have more pigment (more color) which makes them nice and thick. This allows for a thicker film of paint. So instead of 3-4 coats, it takes 1-2 coats. Spraying twice the amount takes twice the time! Next, our equipment allows us to spray all sides of the cabinet doors simultaneously. Most painters have to wait hours after painting one side of a door, only to flip it over spray the other side, and wait more hours before the next coat.



We mask off all the areas that we aren’t painting. When needed we completely contain the area in plastic to prevent dust.



Sanding, cleaning, and de-glossing the cabinets in order to prevent cracking and peeling.



High quality paint that cuts down on the amount of paint needed + specialized cabinet painting equipment.

Chandler isn’t the only city that we service. We cover the greater Phoenix Metro Area. You can find a list of locations that we serve by clicking on the locations link. If you’re looking to get your cabinets painted, you can find a contact form by clicking any of the “get started” or “free quote” buttons.