The Interior painting of your home can really restore and enhance the look of the space. Sure, it’s easy, and you could do it yourself, but a professional will certainly do a better job than you could, not to mention that they’ll complete it more quickly. A paint job will look a lot better when you sit back and let the experts do it. Before you even get to the painting process, however, you’ve got to choose the walls that you want painted and the color that you want to use. Here are some other considerations you’ll have to make:

Choosing Your Wall Color

Choosing the color that you want to paint your walls is often the hardest part, yet the most fun. What is important is that you find the color you want. There are tips for getting a paint that matches your interior if that is your intent. If you want to get a color that is complementary to your furniture and floors, and you will want to make sure that the color you choose fits the color scheme of your room.

Multiple Colors

If you are hoping to use more than one color for a single room, make sure that the shade is either slightly lighter or darker than the color of the walls. The same rule applies to the ceiling. Darker shades will give the room a more cozy effect, whereas a lighter color will give the room an airier vibe. If you want a two-tone wall, the top shade should be lighter than the bottom one in order to give off a grounding effect. Paint any trims lighter or darker than the wall in order to make it pop. Add stencils or patterns to your walls if you’d like; get creative with multiple colors!


Don’t be afraid to check out different textures for your wall. This will add a little creativity to your interior. You can ask your painter to use coloring techniques on your walls like color blocking or color washing. You can use multiple colors on one wall or even get different sheens of paint. Flat paint works just as well, but glossy coats can add a little more depth to your walls.


Once you’ve successfully picked out paint colors and designs, you will want to pick a finish.

Flat Finish

If you want a matte, chalky finish, this is the one for you. Because it’s a soft finish, it will be harder to see any imperfections like scratches or lines. It will also reduce the number of fingerprints that would be left on a glossier finish. It will also cut down the glare of lights in the room, making it a great finish for your ceiling.


Off-whites, like eggshell, are great choices for walls because they will be easy to clean and will still have a shine to them. Any finish will make it remain looking soft and nice.

Gloss and Semi-Gloss

Gloss will give your walls a plastic look, making it shiny and resistant to any smudges. It is best to use this coating in areas where there is a lot of use, such as kitchens.

Figure Out How Much Paint You Need

You will want to measure the width of each wall in the room, add those numbers together, then multiply it by the height. Get that total and subtract the total area of doors, windows, and anything else that is not considered part of the wall. You will want to consider a gallon for every 400 square feet. Double this if you are planning to apply two coats.

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