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Cost To Paint Interior House In Phoenix

How much does it cost to paint the interior of a house?

Many different painting companies in Arizona have several ways of estimating out how much they will charge to paint the interior of a home. Kitchens tend to cost less, because there is less surface area to paint. Cabinets and appliances tend to take up most of the space.

Bedrooms and living rooms on the other hand have a lot of exposed wall. This increases the amount of surface are that needs to be painted, and the price it costs to paint. At Colorito, the typical range for a full interior paint job is from $1 to $2 per square foot.

This usually comes out to $300-425 per room for smaller homes you might find in Phoenix, Mesa, or Tempe. Then roughly double those prices for the bigger houses with taller ceilings and more surface area.

Factors that may increase pricing

Be aware that there are several reasons you might pay more for an interior paint job.Many of these reasons shouldn’t come as a surprise, but the reason they drive the price up is the amount of time and materials it takes to complete the job.

Cost To Paint Interior House In Phoenix

Cost To Paint Interior House In Phoenix


Phoenix House Painting services don’t charge you for smaller repairs. However as the repairs get bigger and more complex, the more amount time and materials we spend on fixing these issues. You should also take into consideration that some of these repairs won’t be seen until after the project is already started.

As you’re moving furniture around, or switching to a much lighter color, imperfections may show up. By imperfections, I mean cracks, dents, holes, sags, scuffs, etc… All of these repairs, if big enough, can quickly drive up costs.


Most material on the inside of house is the same all over Arizona. This means that material itself isn’t a very big factor in the pricing. However, there are very few exceptions, such as popcorn ceiling. Popcorn ceiling is very porous and multidimensional. This means we will use up a lot of paint to ensure that all sides are equally covered. This can quickly drive up the costs of materials and labor. keep a check on Average Cost To Paint A House In Arizona and compare wisely before choosing the final one.


The quality of the paint used on the interior is less important the quality needed for exterior paint. In the interior of the home, the paint is less exposed to the harsh elements. This allows for the paint to last much longer. The quality of the paint shouldn’t be much of a factor on the inside of the home.

What Will increase the prices is how many colors you want to use ?

Choosing more colors causes the painters to spend more time on masking off areas, preparing work, and cleaning the equipment to get ready for the next color. All of these things can be very tedious labor intensive activities.

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Now you should have a pretty good understanding of the different variables included in a painting estimate. If you have any questions on how we price our work or on how to do the painting yourself, please give us a call at (480) 521-8380 and we’ll be glad to help!


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