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House Exterior Painting Prices In Tempe

Don’t pay more for your residential painting project. Call the House Painters in Tempe experts!

Looking for a House Painter to paint up your new home? Or Need a House Painters in Tempe for your home renovation?

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coloritopaintWe offer quality and affordable House Painting Services. Years of service in the painting industry makes us the best contractors to get the job done for you. We know how difficult it is to find a quality painting service with the help of Tempe Painters at the price you can afford, and so this prompted us to offer our services for every type of residential facilities.

Whether you own a single story home, duplex, apartment, or any other type of residential building Painting in Tempe AZ, we can surely deliver the kind of painting craftsmanship that you deserve.



How Much Does it Cost to Paint a House Exterior


We are a group of Residential Painters that are dedicated to providing you with the best type of House Painting in Tempe. Your satisfaction is our top priority, so if you want a House Painting service with this kind of guarantee, and give us a call today!


We value your suggestions, wants, needs, and preferences; and we work out with you to plan on the painting job to be complete. From the colors, textures, materials, and every other aspect of the painting job, we make sure that our clients have the kind of House Painting Services they intend to have.


House Exterior Painting Prices In Tempe


House Exterior Painting Prices In Tempe

We know how frustrating it can get when you call for Exterior Painters in Tempe, and you do not achieve the kind of painting outcome you expect. Because of this, it has been a part of our policy to provide only the best quality service for every client.

If Affordable Painting Services is what you look for, we are the ones to call for work! We understand painting services can get as expensive these days. Some House Painters even charge the materials and labor costs differently, incurring in more expenses from their clients. In this case,



we beg to differ. We offer our House Painting Services at the rate that’s inclusive, and affordable. Know that through our Arizona service fees come in fewer costs, we never compromise on the quality of the painting service that we deliver. Our every contract is a work of excellence, and that is a promise.


Getting your residential building painted implies a lot of inconveniences for you. And we respond to easing up this difficulty by offering Low-Cost Exterior Painting in Tempe that is flexible. We adjust to your schedule, and we make sure to abide by this. We begin and end work as agreed upon- no excuses.

Experience and Expertise

We take pride in our experienced Exterior House Painting Contractor in Tempe AZ. We are a team of skilled workers that are honed by experience and trained for years. Aside from residential painting, we also offer Commercial Painting Services; equipping our team with all the necessary skills in for the painting job.

House Painting Costs – Calculating Prices per Square Foot

A property is incomplete without an interior paint. Sure, there are all the walls and rooms and doors and furniture, but it doesn’t have the appeal that makes it a dream house. It makes homeowners wonder about the cost to get a house painted. The good news is it is possible for you to estimate Interior House Painting Costs and be prepared with the budget needed to complete the project.

Calculating Cost of Painting a House Interior

Using this calculator you can have a rough estimate of painting cost according to Sq. Ft. For a better price estimate, please call our office.

Factors that Comprise Interior House Painting Cost

Several factors must be calculated to come up with the amount you’ll spend in painting your house. Consider the following:

Factor 1: Paint Quality

The expense of paint accounts for about 10-20% of the cost of hiring a painting contractor. How about taking advantage of the best paint your financial budget allows? Low-Cost Exterior Painting in Tempe has various qualities of color that may be more expensive. Furthermore, some colors are designed for certain finishes, which also affects their price.


Factor 2: Non-Paint Materials

You need more than just paint. Additional materials include items used for painting like primers, plaster thinners, tape, and others.


Factor 3: Painting Tools

Handheld paint brushes, roller brushes, and airbrushes are some other examples.


coloritopaintFactor 4: Painters

House Painters are something to consider if you prefer hiring a professional to do the job. There is undoubtedly enough detailed information available regarding how to choose the proper painting professional. It is far from the objective of this blog post to combine that with them. A home-owner must complete all of that investigation before doing business with a Painting Professional.


How to Calculate House Exterior Painting Prices In Tempe

Undoubtedly one of the most critical points to look for is if the Painting Company is working with subcontractors or simply their particular painters. It is important since many so-called “subs” on the market are not officially independent painting contractors. In-home contracting, responsibility is crucial, mainly having heard all of the cases in the market. You can find some essential Tips for Hiring a Painting Contractor.

Sample Computation for House Painting Cost

Our sample computation will give you an idea about the cost of house painting per square foot for your home interiors. Computing the amount per square foot makes calculation easier. See the following parts of your house and add them together to come up with the estimated amount you’ll spend on painting per square foot.

Cost 1: Painting the Walls

High walls that come in standard size, around 8 feet, will cost you per square foot for two coats of paint. Just multiply the measurement with the estimated amount, and you’ll come up with a general idea of the cost of your wall painting.

Cost 2: Painting wood trims and doors

Trims and doors vary depending on the property’s style and interior design. Usually, it costs around $1 per square foot to paint these parts depending on the condition, previous paint type (oil or latex), and complexity as well.

Cost 3: Painting Ceilings

Stucco ceilings will cost you twice the amount than flat roofs to complete the job. If you’re not familiar with stucco ceilings, it has stippled or textured surface compared to flat roofs, leading consumers to call it a “popcorn ceiling.”

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A newly constructed house will cost you more money since it doesn’t have existing painted areas, which leads to more materials to use and more time to spend for preparation. Expect around per square foot for the entire house depending on the details used like trims, moldings, and others. Detailed trim such as bare wood (vs. pre-primed), wainscoting, crown molding, fancy window, and door frame casings makes this cost go up even more.

For New Properties

Considering these details will help you come up with a painting cost estimate. Now, all you need to do is to prepare the essentials according to your budget and start your project.

If you reside in Tempe and still not confident about your House Exterior Painting Prices In Tempe, don’t hesitate to call us for inquiries regarding our residential painting services. We will estimate the paint job cost and compare it with your budget.

Get your residential building painted today with our team! Talk to us and let us show you how we can help with your needs!


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