Home Advisor actually has a pretty good write up on the cost to paint and refinish cabinets. BUT be aware, you’ll be very disappointed if you try and get an estimate without reading the fine details of their article. To make it SUPER easy on everyone we’re not going to explain the cost in terms of square or linear feet.

Most people these days don’t even have a measuring tape anymore. Besides, why would you want to bust out a measuring tape and waste a bunch of time measuring stuff–when there’s a much easier way of doing things. We’re going to use cabinet doors and drawers to measure the cost.

The real average cost of cabinet painting is about $1,820. The reason this price is different from HomeAdvisor’s is that most people get their kitchen cabinets painted. The average kitchen has 28 cabinet doors and drawers. Then ON AVERAGE painters charge around $65 per door and drawer.

Based on the same math, the average cost to refinish cabinets is $2,800. This comes out to $100 per door and drawer. Improvement does a very good job at providing the national average for cabinet refinishing–which is only $400 lower than what we estimate the average to be.

This is the TRUE cost to paint cabinets. Now, how is this broken up? Well, depending on deals the painters receive from the paint stores, they’re costs are between $200-$400 in materials. They need paints, primers, sanding paper, sanding sponges, plastic, and paper to prevent messes, and de-greaser.

The rest of the money is eaten up in labor costs. Cabinet painting and refinishing are very time-consuming. They look small, but EVERYTHING has to be masked off. Plus cabinet paint takes a VERY long time to dry–some paints need 4 hours between coats.

Here at Colorito, we wanted to be up-front and honest about our pricing. We made a pricing table to help people price their own projects. This way, if you’re shy, you can continue to avoid human contact at all costs (just kidding?).