Every painting company out there is going to say not to hire a cheap or unlicensed painter. Its actually kind of annoying, because they don’t give you any legitimate reasoning behind it.

I mean… I understand. They’re painters, they have mouths to feed, but it’s like be honest about it. You’re not a rocket surgeon. Lot’s of people can paint–lot’s of people are DIYers and do it themselves–all… the… time..

Here’s the truth: It’s a gamble.

With more risk–there is definitely more reward. However, if you are not the gambling type, then hire a licensed painter. Unlicensed painters live on the wild side. They get all their work from referrals, they’re usually by themselves or with family (they don’t have to pay for employees), and have very low expenses.

Licensed painters on the other hand have LOTS of expenses. Plus our reputation is constantly on the line. If we make one little mistake, it could be a huge blow for us. So we tend to be more professional about our work.

I’m not saying they will do this, but unlicensed painters CAN just disappear. If they mess up, you can’t really go after them. They live paycheck-to-paycheck, and they don’t normally survive through their online reputation. You can’t report them to the BBB–it’s not going to do anything.

IF you don’t care about the risks, that’s fine, but I had to warn you anyway. Every good LICENSED painter started without a license. I only advise you NOT to hire a painter without an online reputation. If they don’t do what they’re supposed to–you want to–for lack of better words, “hit them where it hurts”.