Kitchen cabinets painted in mesa

by Aug 24, 2019Cabinet painting

About the project

This was a project for the property management and real estate company Better Choice Homes in Mesa, Arizona. We work with a lot of general contractors all over the valley and this is one of them. As you will soon see, this is a cabinet painting project. This means all of the cabinet doors and drawers were replaced. Unfortunately they were removed before we took the before pictures. 🙁

Project cost: $3,325

This is before we painted the cabinets. They aren’t too bad, but they aren’t exceptional either. There was some interesting patterns in the wood as well, such as the diagonal paneling on the cabinet base to the far left. You can also tell that the cabinets to the left were added in later, because the wood grain and color are completely different than the rest.

The contractors wanted us to paint the exterior of the cabinets white. We think it came out FANTASTIC. We were also instructed to add crown molding to the wall cabinet on the far left.

The other photos are taken far back. I wanted to show what the finish looks like. As you can we it’s very grainy and rough here.

I should have taken a better picture here, but I tried my best. As you can see the finish is nice and smooth. We weren’t instructed to remove the deep grain, so you can still see it in this picture. What this does show you, however, is that we provide a factory-like finish. No brush marks or roller texture. Just a silky smooth paint job.

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