Cabinet Painting  service areas.

Colorito serves the entire Phoenix-Metro area, but is currently focusing on Maricopa County.

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**This list isn’t meant to be exhaustive. If we don’t have to cross an ocean, then there’s a pretty good chance we will help with your project.


**Maricopa County Service Areas:

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Do you only paint cabinets?

A little Q & A with Colorito.

Tanner (owner): Yes! Cabinet painting is the only service that we offer at the moment. We don’t stain cabinets at the moment either.

Q: Why don’t you paint anything else?

Tanner (owner): Where to start? Mostly because it’s enjoyable. It’s also pretty hard to stand out from other painters when you do everything they do. It’s a big part of what separates us from the crowd. When you focus on one thing, you can become really proficient in that area. It’s how we were able to create a process that allows us to finish our service in half the time as our competitors.

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