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Phoenix House Painting

Here in Arizona, Painting Companies In Arizona do things a little differently. What do we mean by that? Well, our state has relatively low VOC compliance. Strict VOC compliance can cause quite a few problems because the paint is made out of water-based solvents. Blogs tend to favor these paints, which can cause a lot of confusion when you’re looking to learn more about interior painting. This is why we wanted to write this blog post just for you. We wanted to help provide you with the best painting advice that specifically addresses your situation.

Interior House Painting in Phoenix has been around for tens of thousands of years. Sounds crazy right? Well, it’s true! It all started with cave paintings. Yep, still counts. What once were primitive drawings that were more or less slapped onto the wall–Have now become delicately applied through complex machinery. From Clay and charcoal based paints to oil and acrylic based paints, we continue to evolve the process.

Phoenix House Painting

Phoenix House Painting

Residential Painting companies in Arizona are continually refining their formulas to better suit the conditions they are exposed to. Interior paint, over the years, has become easier to clean and more durable against scuffs. It can also add to the beauty of your home, calm the mind, or provide you with more energy. But, I’m not here to tell you that you need to paint the inside of your home. I’m sure that’s why you’re here.

When you begin the journey of starting an interior paint project, one of the first problems you will run into is selecting a paint company. I don’t mean the company that will paint your walls, I mean the company that manufactures the paint. There are so many of them from Dunn-Edwards, PPG, Sherwin-Williams, Behr, Benjamin Moore, and many more. To add to the confusion, every single one of these companies has multiple tiers of paint quality. Today we’re going to lay it all out on the table and explain EVERYTHING you need to know about painting your interior.

Quick takeaways:

Most interior paints will cost anywhere between $15 and may exceed $50 per gallon. Arizona painting companies use Acrylic paint. Not water based paint. Is it more dangerous? Not at all. Can you do it yourself? Sure can–most people do. Just be aware of the large amount of work you’re about to take on. Interior paint in Arizona lasts MUCH longer than exterior paint that gets beat down by UV rays every day.

What is interior paint made of?

Interior paint is made up of about 4 basic ingredients. The amount of each ingredient that a paint company will use in their formula varies company to company. Their formulas will also vary in their different quality tiers, but more about this later on. The four basic ingredients are: Solvents, Additives, Pigments, and Resins (Binders). This is what they are and what they do:

Solvents: Helps to turn the chemicals into a liquid form that can be easily applied to the wall.

Pigments: Mineral powder that creates the vivid colors found in paint.

Additives: Enhance the effects of the other chemicals, such as faster drying times, more durability, prevent mildew, etc..

Resins: Provide different levels of gloss and protection against the elements–such as scuffs.

What quality of paint should you get?

Every single paint company out there provides a “Good, Better, Best” system. But if we’re gonna be honest here, they’re trying to sugar coating the names of these tiers. Here at Colorito, we’re going to provide you with a more transparent tiered quality system: Cheap, Middle, and Expensive.

What makes cheap paint cheap? Lower solids by volume. In English, please! Lower solids by volume mean it has more solvents and unnecessary additives. Since the paint is filled with solvents the pigments and resins become very thin, causing more bleed through. If you’re changing colors, you will have to use more coats with a cheaper paint. This is how the paint companies make money.

With paint, you get what you pay for. All 3 tiers will provide the same amount of coverage (300 square feet). However, the higher tier paints will have better hide. This means they’re better at hiding the paint that you’re trying to cover. If you’re switching colors, a coat of paint will go much further. You can even stretch the square footage of a gallon of top-tier paint to about 350 square feet.


Cheaper paints will have around 34% solids by volume. Compare with the other tiers of paint.

Durability: Very low. Scrubbing cheap paint with low sheen can ruin the paint.


Middle tier paints will have about 42% solids by volume. This will be the biggest jump between tiers.

Durability: Better. You can clean/scrub low sheen paints without ruining the paint.


Expensive paints will have around 46% solids by volume.

Durability: Too good. The lower sheen paints have absolute over-kill durability.

Phoenix House Painting

The sheen you choose will depend on two things: does it need to be cleaned often? Will you need to hide imperfections? Lower sheen paints contain a mineral additive that adds a bit of a rougher surface. The rougher surface will help you to hide dings, dents, dirt, and scuffs.

What sheen should you choose?

With the ability to hide imperfections and flaws also comes with lower washability. Unless you purchase top tier paint, you cannot scrub lower sheen paints. Cheaper paints will have around 34% solids by volume. Compare Cost To Paint Interior House In Phoenix with the other tiers of paint.

On the other hand, if you have something that comes in constant contact with humans and needs to be cleaned often, then you will want a little more gloss on these areas.

What paint to use on your trim

You will want to use a gloss finish on your trim. These tend to get a lot of beatings that would ruin flat paint.

What paint to use in your bathroom

You will want to use a semi-gloss finish in your bathroom. It can tend to get pretty dirty in there, so you want the walls to be easy to clean. You can also choose a paint with a mildewcide additive.

What paint to use on your foyer

Foyers get a lot of traffic. You will want a finish that’s washable, while also being able to hide imperfections that come with the territory.

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What paint to use in your bedroom

You will want to use satin or matte in the bedroom. There’s never a lot happening to the walls in there. Satin and matte tend to have an aesthetic that will help create a calmer ambiance.

What paint to use on your ceiling

Ceilings don’t get cleaned very often. You will want to opt for something that has the ability to hide dirt and imperfections. Go with a flat sheen for this area of your home.


That’s it folks. You should now be armed with the knowledge you will need to complete your interior project. Remember, when it comes to paint qualities–you get what you pay for.

Use lower sheen paints to hide imperfections. Make sure to user higher gloss paints for areas you know will need to be scrubbed and washed.

If you have questions or would like advice on something specific, feel free to reach out to us for a little extra help. You can reach us at (480) 521-8380 and Support@Coloritopaint.com.

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