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Looking for a cabinet painting company in phoenix?

Colorito truly is one of the best phoenix cabinet painting companies, but why take our word for it? Anyone who’s looking for the best, needs to hear it from someone else. You can click here to go see some reviews. If you’d like to know more about our company, go ahead and read below.


The finish you want

A silky smooth finish achieved only by spraying.

The price you want

Pricing options that fit every budget, big or small.

The Warranty you want

Receive a Full, no exclusions, warranty on your newly painted cabinets.

Wanting to update your cabinets?

Don’t like the big price tag that comes with buying new cabinets?

•  Want your new paint job to last years not months?

•  Want to avoid the 36+ hours it takes to do it yourself?

Don’t want to hire a messy contractor?

•  Don’t want hideous brush marks or roller texture?

•  Want something that can fit your budget?

Photo of RV cabinets in Chandler before we painted them. RV cabinets in Chandler after we painted them.
Photo of RV cabinets from Chandler before we painted them. Photo of RV kitchen cabinets that we painted.

Our Phoenix cabinet refinishing services

Cabinet Painting

We sand, clean, spray primer and paint over your existing finish. Discover more about cabinet painting.

Cabinet Refinishing

We completely remove your existing finish to improve durability and paint the bare wood. Discover more about cabinet refinishing.

Cabinet Refacing

We remove and replace the drawer faces, doors, molding, and then paint everything. Discover more about cabinet refacing.

What should you expect?

It starts with an estimate

Everything starts with an estimate. At the estimate we provide pricing, go over all of our options, show you samples, and then schedule your project.

Then comes the work

Next, we perform all the work that was specified in the estimate. You only lose access to your kitchen for just one day. By the third day, we’re all done and ready to go.

Ends with a happily ever after

Finally, you can begin living out your happily ever. You never have to stress about scratches or fading, because everything is covered under warranty.
Dana Neves
Dana Neves
02:53 25 Jul 19
We recently had our kitchen and bathroom cabinets painted by Colorito. They arrived on time and completed the work in four days. They primed, painted, added bumper trim, and hardware. The cabinets turned out great. They look updated and fresh. I definitely recommend Colorito A++. Thanks Wesley.

Commonly Asked Questions

1.) What does it cost to paint cabinets? Average price for a kitchen is around $1,800, but can be as little as $900 or as high as $7,000.

2.) Do I have to pay a deposit? No. We don’t collect any deposits. You pay after you’re happy with everything.

3.) Can you guarantee your work? Yes, we can. We have a warranty for all of our options. We don’t want to leave you high and dry.

4.) Are you able to do laminate? Yes, absolutely. It’s actually very popular in the Phoenix Metro-Area.

5.) Does it cost more for two-tone? No, it doesn’t. Two-tone (where there is one color for the wall cabinets and another color for the floor cabinets) costs the same as a single color project.

6.) How do I pick a color? You can actually go to any paint store and receive samples or color palettes. Every big corporate paint company carries their competitors’ colors.

7.) Are you booked out? Yes, we’re usually booked out for 4-5 weeks in advance.

8.) Do you only work in Phoenix? No, we also have Mesa, Tempe, Gilbert, Chandler, and Scottsdale. You can visit our service areas page, but if you don’t find your city, feel free to text us at 480-702-1098.


No Money down

You shouldn’t have to worry about whether or not your painter will do a good job. We don’t take deposits. If you aren’t happy, then you don’t pay.

Top Tier Quality

We provide the quality you deserve at a price you can afford. No low-end paints, cut corners, or ugly textures.

No exclusions warranty

You should never have to worry about your investment. We provide a full warranty to protect your beautiful new paint job from anything that might happen.