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by Aug 24, 2019Cabinet Painting

PricingAbout the project

This was a really fun project we were asked to do for a Chandler resident. He was tired of his old press-board cabinets and wanted a more modern look. He had a set of cabinetry in his bedroom as well as the kitchen. He went for a bright white on most of the cabinets. In the kitchen he did a navy blue and bright white tuxedo combo to the kitchens to balance out all of the neutral in the kitchen.

We’re really happy with how this turned out.

Project cost: $2,340

This is the bedroom set before the cabinet painting. We had our client remove everything he could away from the cabinets. The result of this effort is the pile of objects on the bed frame. It’s not terrible looking, but I wonder if we can make it look better.  😉

This is how the bedroom turned out. It looks very clean, fresh, and modern. We also took some time to drill out holes in the doors and drawers to add handles. We think the hardware option really balanced out the other colors. Between the contrasting black electronics and the distressed ship-lap, the silver handles were a great choice.

Here’s the kitchen cabinets before they were painted. The kitchen had a very outdated look to it. Like I mentioned before the client chose a bow-tie combo for the cabinetry colors. Let’s see how it turned out:

I didn’t take a very flattering shot of the kitchen. I think there was something in the way that prevented me from getting the right angle. We think it turned out really great and complemented all of the other changes being made to the interior.

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