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Everything you need to know

Cabinet painting goes through the entire cabinet refinishing process. We make sure everything will last as long as possible. Typically the only thing you need to worry about is either fading. The more expensive option that we offer has a chemical that makes it more resistant to fading, this is why we offer a 10 year warranty on it. Urethane enamel, the more affordable option, will usually last betweem 3-5 years before fading.



We mask everything off in order to prevent over-spray.



We use deglosser to make sure the paint doesn’t peel.



We sand in order to make sure the paint doesn’t scratch.



Grease prevents paint from sticking so we clean everything off.



We apply 1-2 coats of primer to the surface, sand, and caulk the seams.



We apply two or more coats to the surface.



We install all of the doors and hardware back onto the cabinets.


Touch ups

We go through the project and make sure we didn’t miss any of the small details.



We walk through the project with the homeowner and make sure they’re happy with our work.


All of the following paints are top of the line. The paint and lacquer options can be used on surfaces with staining and laminate. Conversion Varnish can only be used on brand new raw wood otherwise there will be a lot of issues with the finish.

Conversion Varnish (raw un-treated wood only)

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You can visit our project page to see before and after pictures, pricing, and descriptions of the work we perform.

Wesley is awesome at customer service. We are still in the process of finishing up our house and he’s been extremely accommodating (especially with our paint touch-ups/hardware installation on the cabinets). We fully plan on working with Wesley in the near future for our other painting needs and feel extremely grateful to have found a trusted company/team.

Harrison C., Gilbert, Arizona